About ENGIE Mobisol Kenya.

ENGIE Mobisol Kenya works to transform lives through solar technology. We provide clean, reliable and affordable energy alternatives to unhealthy, environmentally harmful and expensive fossil fuels used in off grid communities.

Our Vision

To #plugintheworld and help make poverty history by providing sustainable and affordable energy solutions to 20 million people by 2023.

Our Mission

To drive affordable access to energy solutions including appliances and services to millions of households and small businesses –bringing best life to our customers while stimulating economic and social activity as well as contributing to global environmental protection.

Plugin the world

We have trained hundreds of staff, engineered systems fully adapted to local conditions and helped to mitigate climate change. Every day we strive to provide the best customer care and service.

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With ENGIE Mobisol, you can power your entire household and make energy savings at home and at your business. Get in touch, we’ll show you how.

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