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ENGIE Mobisol’s solar home systems provide a reliable and cost effective alternative to the grid; ensuring easy accessibility through seamless PAYG (pay-as-you-go)integration and enabling thousands of households to access clean, reliable & affordable electricity.

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“Technological innovation has always been the key driver of our mission to ‘plug in the world’. Scalable, smart solar solutions for a market of millions – that’s our daily business.

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ENGIE Mobisol develops innovative off-grid solar solutions for home and businesses with high quality products engineered and tested in Germany.

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Solar home systems

High-quality large solar systems for homes or businesses ranging from 40W to 200W.

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Productive-use solar appliances and entertainment products paired with the solar home systems.

ENGIE Mobisol does more than just sell solar products.

ENGIE Mobisol is one of the world’s leaders in decentralized solar electrification and PAYG (pay-as-you-go) technologies by installed capacity.

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Up to 4 Years Warranty
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No charges on installation
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Flexible & Predictable system payments
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Longer lasting, high quality batteries
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Anti-theft mode feature

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you decide to buy a ENGIE Mobisol system, our sales team will fill out your contact information and then you will receive a customer assessment call for system eligibility. Once approved and payment is made, your system will be prepared immediately by our technical team and will be ready for pick-up at the ENGIE Mobisol shop closest to you as advised. Carry your National ID with you to collect your system.

Yes. You will have full ownership of your independent power source after paying off your system loan completely.

Payments are made easily through Airtel Money or M-Pesa via paybill number 829922. NOTE: ENGIE Mobisol agents/staff are not authorized to receive any payment.

In case your system has an issue, you can call our customer service team on 0709057000 or 0730755000 for assistance. You can also SMS your system issue to 20044 in this format ‘CARE, SYSTEM NUMBER, SYSTEM ISSUE’. In the rare case that your problem cannot be solved remotely, we shall assign one of our technicians to visit your home, diagnose the system issue & solve it on site or advice on the necessary repairs.

No need to worry. ENGIE Mobisol understands that there are times when financial difficulties arise. We will be in communication with you to understand your challenge and advise accordingly to better help you manage the challenging period.

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With ENGIE Mobisol, you can power your entire household and make energy savings at home and at your business. Get in touch, we’ll show you how.

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